Question: Where Is The Most Expensive Place To Live In The UK?

What is the most expensive place to live in the UK?


Kensington and Chelsea are at the top of the list.

Houses here cost around 44 times the yearly living wage and this is shocking to say the least..

What is the richest part of the UK?

WindsorWindsor is the richest town, with 250 multi-millionaires, others lie in close proximity in Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire. These are mostly small historical towns, within an hour’s commute from the capital. After Windsor, nearby Ascot has the most multi-millionaires, with 220.

Where are the most expensive houses in the UK?

The Most Expensive Homes in the UKSurrey. Location, location, location…. … The Old Rectory, Wimbledon. The Old Rectory, Wimbledon. … St George’s Hill, Surrey. St George’s Hill, Surrey. … Hertfordshire. … Scotland. … York. … Sandbanks, Dorset. … Somerset.More items…

Where is the most expensive place to live in the world?

Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong tied for the most expensive city, according to the report, a twice-annual survey of 138 goods and services in around 130 cities. In March 2020, when the last report came out, Singapore, Hong Kong and Osaka, Japan, tied for the No. 1 spot.

What is the poorest town in the UK?

Seaside town of Jaywick named Britain’s most deprived area for third time. It’s a seaside village that was built in the 1930s as a holiday resort for Londoners. But in recent years Jaywick in Essex has become notorious for its social problems.

What is the poorest place in the UK?

NottinghamNottingham has been named the UK’s “poorest city” on a government list – the fifth time in seven years. The city council has again rejected the findings, saying many of its affluent suburbs are beyond the city’s official boundaries.