Question: What Does Recriminate Mean?

What does Mutinously mean in Lord of the Flies?


unruly; insubordinate or constituting a mutiny.


dispirited and depressed; dejected.


What does recrimination mean?

: a retaliatory accusation also : the making of such accusations endless recrimination.

What does Soliditary mean?

community of interests, objectives, and standards: unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards.

What is the difference between counting reasons and enumerating reasons?

As verbs the difference between enumerate and count is that enumerate is to specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order while count is to enumerate the digits of a numeral system.

What does Mutinously mean?

1a : disposed to or being in a state of mutiny : rebellious a mutinous crew. b : turbulent, unruly.

What does furtive mean in Lord of the Flies?

furtive. secret and sly. There was a slight, furtive boy whom no one knew, who kept to himself with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy. mortification. strong feelings of embarrassment.

How do you use the word pervasive in a sentence?

Pervasive in a Sentence 🔉The media’s pervasive coverage of the epidemic has most of the country living in fear. … In many cities, police corruption is a pervasive issue that touches all communities. … Voters are concerned about the pervasive rate of unemployment that is harming both the rich and the poor.More items…

How do you use sycophant in a sentence?

Sycophant in a Sentence 🔉Because she always kisses up to the teacher, Janice is considered the sycophant in first period. … My sister is a shallow sycophant who will flatter anyone for a free designer handbag.More items…

What does no recriminations mean?

Sometimes you accuse your opponent of refusing to compromise and he accuses you of the same thing. That’s a recrimination, an accusation or insult that’s hurled back at someone.

What does virtuous recrimination mean?

Recrimination (“His voice lifted into the whine of virtuous recrimination.” (the act of) accusing in return; opposing another charge.

What is an example of enumeration?

An enumeration is used in any programming language to define a constant set of values. For example, the days of the week can be defined as an enumeration and used anywhere in the program. … In our example, we will define an enumeration called days, which will be used to store the days of the week.

What is self recrimination?

: the act of accusing or blaming oneself …

What does it mean to be a pragmatist?

A pragmatist is a person who deals with problems or situations by focusing on practical approaches and solutions—ones that will work in practice, as opposed to being ideal in theory. The word pragmatist is often contrasted with the word idealist, which refers to a person who acts based on high principles or ideals.

What does Inumerate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to ascertain the number of : count. 2 : to specify one after another : list. Other Words from enumerate Synonyms The Meaning of Enumerate Gets Specific Example Sentences Learn More about enumerate.

What is the purpose of enumeration?

Enumerations offer an easy way to work with sets of related constants. An enumeration, or Enum , is a symbolic name for a set of values. Enumerations are treated as data types, and you can use them to create sets of constants for use with variables and properties.